Talks and workshops

Here is a little list of talks and workshops that I have given:


"ELT Pipelines with Argo Workflows and dbt"

"Model Serving: Deploy ML Models with Kubernetes"

"MLOps with Argo Workflows and Kubernetes"

"Streamlining Machine Learning with Argo Workflows and Kubernetes

MLOps on Kubernetes: Exploring Argo Workflows

"Kotlin and Machine Learning: A match made in heaven?"

"Deep Learning mit Kotlin"

"Kubernetes and Argo Workflows: A powerful combo for Machine Learning"

"Kotlin? For Machine Learning?"

"Keep an eye on AI — Monitor ML models in production"

"Mit MLOps vom POC zur Produktion"

"MLOps: DevOps for Machine Learning"

"Deep Learning with Small Data"

"Pipelines for Deep Learning mit Small Data"


"Machine Learning for Beginners - Klassisches ML"

Tools for MLOps


A list of all the tools I mention in my talk ‘MLOps: Devops for Machine Learning’